Attention: If you or someone you love is suffering from liver cirrhosis then this is the most important letter you will ever read


"Announcing - One of the 3 most Renowned Liver Experts
in The World Of Holistic Medicine teaches you how to invigorate your Cirrhotic liver and avoid terrible Disfiguring Transplants the way 1000s Already Did."

From the desk of Debra Elkin, former liver disease sufferer and health consultant:

My fellow liver cirrhosis sufferer,


My name is Debra Elkin and I am a mother of two and a grandmother of three. My children and grandchildren are the joy of my life and I am so thankful I can watch them grow. But a couple of years ago it seemed that my time is up and I will have to say my goodbyes as I was diagnosed with advanced fatty liver followed by inflammation. My liver was so heavily impaired that my doctors predicted imminent liver cirrhosis or cancer.

This website is where I share the story about how I got back from the verge of "the other side" and how thousands of people are doing it every year following the principles of the holistic breakthrough protocol known as the Ezra protocol.


Dr Alfred

Dr. Alfred Pischinger, head of the University of Medicine in Graz 1936-1945

The Ezra Protocol is the only Holistic protocol in existence proven
to Shift the Underlying Chemical Triggers Of Liver Damage.

The man on the picture on the above right if Dr Alfred Pischinger and his work is crucial for what is today known for as the Ezra protocol. The man who I have to thank for my blessed salvation, Mr Jacob Ezra implemented a lot of the principles Dr. Pischinger's work into his holistic protocol for liver cirrhosis reversal. Before I found out about Mr Jacob Ezra and his little practice in Reims specializing solely in liver disease I suffered for years failing with every doctor that tried to help me with my terrible liver condition and the obesity. Later on I will share more about my story...

I tried everything. Nothing worked.

I suffered for years, trying pretty much anything you can think of. I would get my liver enzymes under control, loose some weight but then this thing would come back with a vengeance. I was desperate. I felt alone and I thought nobody understands. I felt them thinking that my obesity is because of the weak will power and to be honest " I just felt as a fat cow...". I am disgusted of even thinking about that period of time. But now I know...


It wasn't my fault and it's not your fault, either.

But then, something amazing happened. On a day like any other, I found my blessed salvation.


I met and old friend at the bank and as always, I monopolized the conversation with my liver and obesity problems. Then she said "My sister in law from Reims had the exact same problems and this man, Jacob, helped her. I think she lost something like 35 pounds..."


She continued to tell me that the man's full name was Jacob Ezra and that he is an alternative medicine practitioner specializing solely in liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. She said that he deals only with liver disorders and has 27 years of experience of working with people with severe liver problems.


Long story short, Mr Jacob Ezra was my blessed salvation. I scheduled my first appointment for the first thing next week...


Within two months i was completely free of symptoms, my liver enzymes were normal, I lost 17 pounds and I was vibrantly healthy.

This website is all about spreading the word about the Ezra protocol, by this moment effectively used to get liver cirrhosis to remission in 1000s worldwide.


What is the Ezra protocol?


It is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. It utilizes the vast knowledge and experience of Mr Jacob Ezra and it's based on 27 years long research, trial and error and proven by healing tens of thousands of people worldwide. Later on, I'll present undeniable proof and testimonies.


You will see testimonials of many people that used the principles to regain their health, avoid cancer and change their bodies. You'll also see photos from our annual gatherings and seminars. I hope some time soon, you will join us on the annual conferences. It's great seeing people that have beat illness and came our stronger than ever.


The Ezra protocol is backed with over 50.000 hours of nutritional expertise and most importantly centered on a groundbreaking research about underlying causes of liver cirrhosis (and I am not talking about eating wrong). It is also proven by over 250 case recovery studies officially submitted and approved as legit!!!


There are over 10.000 pages of documentations providing iron clad evidence that this is the real deal.


The only protocol in existence officially proven to Induce Liver Cirrhosis Remission.


The Ezra protocol is now socially proven in 22 countries and if you give me a couple of minutes of your time by the end of this page I will show you how you can use it to:

First, eliminate the 4 chemical triggers that make it impossible to initiate the cleansing process
Second, flush the fat from your liver, unclog the sluggish cells and rejuvenate the liver to make it work like you were 20
Reverse the processes of toxic build-up that might be leaving 30 billion dead cells in your body every day while your liver is impaired
Reverse the chemical imbalances in your liver that put you at risk of developing that first cancer cell even while you are reading this
Tone and invigorate your liver using precise breakthrough techniques you cannot learn anywhere else
Awake and boost your metabolism that is dormant due to the fibrin build up in your blood caused by your impaired liver function
Start burning that fat like you never thought possible and get the body you always dreamt of
. Your liver and your adrenal gland is all that is stopping you from doing this. It's the best kept secret of the fitness and weight loss industry.
Clean your arteries that are clogged due of the protein build-up (the blood of a liver cirrhosis sufferer is often as thick as yoghurt) and eliminate the risk of a heart attack or stroke that comes with the thick blood
Feel that vibrant health that you so desperately pursue. You have no chance of this while your liver is congested and impaired.
Eliminate the side effects of the liver cirrhosis such as the rashes, skin discolorations and fatigue
Experience the new found hope. When I resolved my liver problems I literally felt reborn.
Forget all about the misery your liver cirrhosis brought or will bring upon you (if you fail to react) and NEVER LOOK BACK.

Your liver is Dying because you are clogged up With toxic Debris, poisons and Billions of dead cells.

This clutter is building up inside you as we speak if you have liver cirrhosis. Liver is the chemical lab of our bodies. In fact, I like to think about the liver as a small city with its facilities and recycle centers, with tiny workers working day and night to cleanse or bodies of all the poisons that would otherwise kill us within hours.

Can you imagine that the liver has over 500 functions in our body?

The most important functions of this amazing hard worker are:

green Transform nutrients into chemicals that regulate numerous processes in our bodies (albumin, blood clothing chemicals, bile, urea...)
green Removing toxins and bacteria debris

green Building protein

green Blood sugar regulation

green Removing cholesterol from the body (the only organ in our body that can break down cholesterol)
green ...and 500 other crucial processes...



Liver is the second most important organ in our body
- after the brain.


This means that if your liver is impaired you have zero chance of being healthy. That's the simple and harsh truth.

But with our way of life, the fast tempo and the trash we eat or better to say the trash we are served with, liver disease is going through the roof these days. The grim truth is that most of the people don't even know it.


Liver is sensitive and fragile that way because if your tooth is damaged it will hurt because of the nerves in it. If you break a leg, you will experience excruciating pain. If there's a problem in your head you'll experience headaches, but...

Liver does not have Enough nerve endings to raise the Pain alarm !!


Think about that for a second. Stop and absorb this fact.


But what does that mean?


That means that you might be on the verge of liver failure and you might merely experience discomfort and no real pain at all. That is why if you suspect that you might have liver cirrhosis or another liver disorder, it is crucially important that you react right away. Another reason to do so lies in the fact that the processes that caused the liver cirrhosis work in a kind of downward spiral.


When I say this I mean that it's so hard to break loose. Your liver is impaired and the toxins build up because it is unable to process them. The toxins clog the liver even more. the end result is that the liver is doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do.



Instead of keeping your healthy, your liver is poisoning you



Instead of burning the fat, your liver is making you obese



Instead of eradicating pre cancerous cells, your liver is causing the mistakes in the extracellular matrix that lead to cancer


In fact...


That first cancer cell might be forming in your liver right now.


Every next second increases the risk. Pause, take a deep breath and think about this.


I apologize for being so harsh, but this is a wake up call. When I saw Mr Ezra for the first time, he said that the patterns in my liver enzyme levels indicate exactly the kind of behavior that is the road map for developing liver cancer. In fact he said that he estimates that...


If I didn't do something about it, my chances of developing liver cancer or Dying from Cirrhosis were over 70%.



Fatty infiltrations induced cirrhotic liver

Now imagine what something that looks like this can do. You're right - NOTHING.

I was scarred and shocked about all the things I learned. I was so mad at my previous doctors. they were just shooting in the dark.


But there's good news...


liver Cirrhosis is Not a death sentence and can be brought to remission.


But that just isn't true if you are sticking to the conventional approach that is just masking the symptoms and never truly heal your body. Jacob told me everything about how misunderstood this condition is and how simple and easily reversible it is once the chemical obstacles are removed.


Yes, liver cirrhosis is anything but a death sentence. And 1000s of people now that now because they have healed their decomposing livers and changed their lives forever. Here are a couple of testimonials that I found especially striking. These are all completely unsolicited:


Success story no.1: Andy Gibbons, Keels , Canada

"I defeated fatty liver and liver cirrhosis and I lost 52.8 pounds in 4 months. "

Andy"...I was trying to loose weight for years, for decades even, as long as I can remember. I was blaming myself because I was failing over and over again, year in year out. It was in shock when I learned that my liver was robbing me of my results while I was dying to succeed. I was so scarred to learn that I was basically doomed because of my liver that progressed so far that my liver was filled with fat, fibrotic and already failing. Doctors were shocked that I've had liver cirrhosis at the age of 38, but that didn't mean they could help me.

I was so scared and in panic. I found out about your ebook and the Ezra protocol on a public forum and I recognized myself in your every word. I got your ebook 6 months ago and I will let my pictures speak about what happened after..."

Andy Gibbons, Keels, Canada


Success story no.2: Gema Brady, Denver , Colorado

"They told me I would be dead within 6 months unless a liver transplant becomes available..."

"Back in 2008 my liver test results were alarming: alp - 185, ggt - 455, mcv - 110, platelet count - 96,000. I was suffering from progressive liver problems since 2001 and it is basically all I can remember about my lfe. Finally, in late 2007 they told me that I had cirrhosis. They also told me liver cirrhosis cannot be reversed.

One of the patients that I met at my doctor's office told me about an alternative protocol that is stirring the waters of the medical community - the Ezra protocol. I decided to give this a try and let me tell you, I never looked back. I could not believe that so many of the things I did every day were contributing to my disease. By April 2009 my tests read: alp - 77, ggt - 35, mcv - 84, platelet count - 161.000. My doctors told me that they cannot provide an explanation for what happened, but I could - the Ezra protocol saved my life. I am grateful forever..."

Gema Brady, Denver, Colorado



Success story no.3: Garry Kalinski, Raleigh , North Carolina

"This time last year my stomach was swollen as if I was 7 months pregnant..."

Garry"This time last year I thought my number was up. My life came down to laying in the bed tormented and broken. My wife now tells me horror stories about how I often could not recognize her or my children. My doctors said that they didn't know if I was going to make it. When I look back now I am not sure if I deserved this blessing of a second chance, I was a heavy drinker for over 2 decades.


But I made it. I beat liver cirrhosis, I got rid of all the booze from my home and I am living my new beginning. The Ezra protocol is what gave me the second chance. I have you to thank for the fact that I live today. That must be an unbelievable feeling to literally save people like that. I hope God sees what you're doing for all the liver cirrhosis sufferers out there."

Garry Kalinski, Raleigh, North Colorado


Success story no.6: Imogen Noble, Leicester, UK

"Last Christmas Eve they rushed me to the hospital when I blacked out in a mall..."

Andy"Before last Christmas Eve when I passed out, I had no idea that my liver problems were severe. Before that, I only had episodes of water retention in my feet and legs. That night a C.T. scan confirmed that it was liver the start of liver cirrhosis.


Ever since, I am battling this potentially deadly opponent. And when I look back at the last year, I cannot help but feel that I would've lost the battle if there weren't for you. I was trying all the doctors had to offer for almost half a year before I broadened my horizons and gave the Ezra protocol a try. I started your protocol as a human wreck and a washed out hopeless shadow of a person I once was.

Today, I am living my normal life once more. I can feel the change in my every cell. I am vibrant, energetic and have this new found love for life. Thank you, "

Imogen Noble, Leicester, UK




I remember that day in his small practice in Reims.


What this man was saying was so precise and clear. So right to the point. To the source of the problems and not vague general statements like "healthy diet" and so on. In fact, he explained that everybody that does not have access to some of the crucially important information is putting their life at risk, not to mention the fact that he has virtually zero chance to reverse liver cirrhosis.


He explained that...


Some practices used in liver Cirrhosis diets and conventional treatment make it chemically impossible to beat the disease.



He explained that what is generally healthy can be a disaster for people with liver cirrhosis. Does it sound like I am exaggerating? Well, let me give you a little pre-taste of what I am talking about...


Let me give you a little test.


Think of 10 best foods to eat to fight your liver disease. Take a moment and actually do this.




Now tell me - do you have Fruit on the list?


If you don't, I salute your knowledge and you might not need my help and you are probably OK to leave this website and go take a nice walk.


But if you do have FRUIT on your list, you desperately need help because you have been thought wrong. I can hear you saying, "Are you insane, fruit is the healthiest food. My doctors says so...".


Generally, you are right.


But, if you are fighting liver disease YOU CANNOT BE MORE WRONG.


Wrong kinds of fruit in the wrong time are for liver Cirrhosis sufferer An equivalent of bacon with chocolate topping.


I know that it sounds a little "out there", but bear with me for just a second and keep an open mind while I explain everything and then make up your mind. If it doesn't make sense just say "Debra, you are talking rubbish" and move on. If it makes sense just keep reading because this is just the tip of the iceberg...


General statement of a healthy diet would be: “Eat more fruit and vegetables that are rich in nutrients.” But is not so simple with the liver cirrhosis sufferers. Why?


Because of the fructose in the fruit.


To grossly simplify things, fructose is much more readily transformed into fat in the liver than glucose. I bet you are shocked right now but I can tell you right away that eating diets packed with fruit is probably the number one reason why people fail in loosing weight. Let me explain…


You can find many experts that will tell you that fruit is great for fat loss because it has a low glycemic index. But the fruit is sweet and obviously packed with sugar, so how can it have a low glycemic index.


The answer is simple yet alarming...


Most of the sugar from the fruit is readily turned into fat in the liver and goes out of the liver in the form of fat and as such it does not have the potency to induce insulin spikes.

Make no mistake, fruit is healthy and has a lot of fiber and vitamins but it’s not the best ally if you want to loose weight and eliminate the fatty deposits from the liver.


This is perhaps the most widely misunderstood aspect of eating well to Stop liver Cirrhosis.

But where is the problem with fructose?


The problem lies with the fact that our body does not have the necessary enzyme machinery to efficiently metabolize fructose and turn it into glucose, so the fructose is a liver-congesting agent. Fructose just passes by the enzyme that is responsible for turning carbs into energy (Phosphofructokinase-1 or PFK-1). Fructose literally skips this control point that decides whether the carbs are deposited as glycogen or fat. Complex carbs such as rice and oats turn into glycogen until the reserves are full. On the other hand, large chunk of the fructose is just transformed into fat even if the glycogens deposits are empty.  Part of the fat remains in the liver and a bigger part is pumped into the blood.


But the damage doesn't stop here. Part of the fructose that managed to get to glucose form is deposited in the liver. Otherwise, the liver is the last part to be filled with glycogen. When the liver is full of carbs, this is a signal for the body to transform any additional carbs into fat (fructose or not fructose). Fructose fills the liver with glycogen and thus puts it into “fat storing” mode. At this point, our liver transforms even complex carbs into fat.


The result - a true carbohydrate nightmare.


Nevertheless, I am not saying that fruit has no place on the menu of a person trying to stop liver cirrhosis. It most certainly does. But the truth is very precise and clear and it most certainly is not in general vague statements as "eat a lot of fruit" way...


You have to know what fruit to eat and when to eat it.


Get this wrong and you have zero chance of beating Liver Cirrhosis.


And this is just one out of the hundreds of similar facts that you might get wrong and forever ruin your chances of happiness and recovery. In Ezra protocol program, you get access to the cutting edge and little known cover information about liver cirrhosis. Tens of thousands of people have gone through Jacob's practice healing their bodies.



Dear reader, wherever you are, let me tell you, if someone is a skeptical person I am.


But I was not so skeptical about the way I felt after a month on the Ezra protocol !


After changing my life completely, an idea occurred to me. I decided to share my story of how I beat this horrible disease. I decided to gear up and write a book about it.


The hardest part of writing this e-book was getting Mr Jacob Ezra to share everything. And I do mean everything. And then shaping this into a book.


If you are skeptical and in doubt let me share some of my own doubts that I came across in the process. If you are thinking:“ If it’s possible to heal liver cirrhosis it in such an effective way, why does modern medicine insist on the same 50 years old protocols over and over again?". This was precisely my first thought after a month with of visits to Reims. And I am not sure about the answer to this question.


But I can share what Mr Ezra told me when I asked him just that. He said:


“You know, because of the nature of the condition, the treatment would have to be free according to the health regulation in most of the countries."



And just think of how much money you’ve spent trying to reverse your condition. And with the old treatment, you will very likely continue to do so in the next years, decades or even for the rest of your life.



"We are talking about hundreds
of billions of dollars.“


I could not conceive that this was really the case. I am not much into conspiracy theories and all that, but what happened when I wanted to publish a hard copy of this book made me think again.

I wanted to publish ’The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol’ in a hard copy first.


I approached a couple of publishers that already expressed interest when I began writing it, after I informed them about it. But when the book was done, everything changed. They kept avoiding my calls. And just one or two of them even had the courtesy to respond to my e-mails saying that ’they decided to go another way’ or ’the book would raise too much dust’. After I finally get to meet one of the agents, he told me (strictly off the record) that the medical community weight loss industry lobby pressed them so hard not to publish it that they had to give in. I asked ’But why??’. He just nodded his head and responded:“ They said it makes them look bad“.


But, it's ok, internet allows a more personal approach and this way - I am leading the people who get my book step-by-step in a controlled, precise and personal way.


That's right - I am offering personal counseling as a part of the program (more info on that bellow).


But the downside of personal counseling is that it takes time and that is why I cannot just sell as many sits as people want. Because the program takes 3 months, my experience tells me that I can lead around 300 people during the 3 months. So...




At This Time, I Can Only
Sell 300 Copies of this eBook.



In case you are wondering about e-books and internet publishing, this is how it works. It is not as simple as many think. You don't just slap the book to the internet from your living room. You have to have the book approved and published and then sell it through an official retailer. In this case, the retailer for this book is the most renowned on the internet today - "Clickbank", a name that has been online and trusted for years.


Now, allow me to introduce the ebook that changed lives of so many around the world, and the system that did the same for far more, even before the book saw the light of the day.





"The Liver Cirrhosis Bible
& Ezra Protocol"




The Ezra Protocol is the only holistic system in existence that is proven to heal liver cirrhosis.



"The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol" is a 183 page downloadable eBook, that is jam packed cover to cover with all the answers that you'll ever need about this thing that torments you.


It is a fruit of 27 years of research that finally resulted in the Ezra Protocol.


It will take you by the hand and lead you to vibrant health, slick figure and a liver of a 20 year old in precise and controlled steps that already worked for 1000s of people in 22 countries.


The important thing is that over 70% of the information you get in the Liver Cirrhosis Bible is available only between those covers and cannot be found anywhere else.


Here's a little pre-taste of what you'll learn when you download your copy of The Liver Cirrhosis Bible Today:


tick SHOCKING DISCOVERY: Learn the dramatic truth about the Extracellular Matrix in liver cirrhosis sufferers and how going public with this breakthrough ruined the life of one doctor
tick SECRET #1: A substance that's in your kitchen right now lowers the risk of cirrhosis by a shocking 80%. It is literally unbelievable that this information confirmed in 6 large scale double blind studies is not made available to the sufferers. Who and why prevented the information being widely available. I was so mad when I learned this...
tick SECRET #2: What shocking discovery about liver cirrhosis triggers has been made in a double blind study in Russia.
tick Revealed: What shocking discovery about liver cirrhosis triggers has been made in a double blind study in Russia.
tick SECRET #3: Malfunction of one small organ in our abdomen (not the liver) is where so many answers lay. Find out which organ and how to amend the damage within weeks.
tick SECRET #4: Learn about the one deadly mistake that over 90% liver cirrhosis sufferers makes every day. This mistake alone can rob them of their healing.
tick SECRET #5: How an American doctor stirred the water by saving the lives of hepatitis patients with such heavy liver damage that the other doctors practically pronounced dead. The maverick doctor has been curing terminal liver damage using a simple, cheap natural acid. The same acid is one of the corner stones of the Ezra protocol.
tick SECRET #6: A problem in the lymphatic sacks of the liver cirrhosis sufferer causes a congestion and can leave you with 30 billion dead cells trapped in your body every day. There is only one substance known to man that can dissolve this clutter. Find out which today and put it to use.
tick Finally revealed: Why every attempt to reverse liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and loose weight fails miserably every time. The truth will shock you. The answers lay in your liver and your adrenal gland.
tick SHOCKING: It was a common belief that reversing failing cirrhotic liver cells is practically impossible until a study at the University of London’s School of Pharmacy changed everything.
tick SECRET #8: Every liver cirrhosis sufferer is in grave danger of extremely active Reactive Oxygen Species. How to shift the process within 36 hours...
tick SECRET #9: The dishes you cook prevent you from resolving your health issues. If you fail to learn this, you will continue with the deadly practices forever.
tick SECRET #10: The most deadly man made chemical is lurking from your supermarket shelves and literally scavenging your liver. Learn the truth that has been kept from you...
tick Guidance: 10 precise practical rules to avoid the terrible chemical mentioned above
tick SECRET #11: 4 personal care products make it impossible to shift the chemical imbalances in your body. Once you get rid of these offenders, your body's self healing ability will skyrocket. You'll feel it right away. I promise.
tick SECRET #12: A tiny organism uses a unique chemical to break down cocoon walls. No similar substance can be found anywhere else. Resolving the toxic debris in our liver would be impossible without this precious natural healing agent.
tick REVEALED: Why many alternative health practitioner say that "There is only one disease and there is only one cure" and how that relates to the liver cirrhosis.
tick SECRET #13: In liver cirrhosis 6 foods that are commonly considered very healthy are your greatest enemies. Find the complete explanation included...
tick DELLUSIONS DECIPHERED: In spite of what you might've been told, fruit is not our best friend when fighting to heal liver cirrhosis. Not even close. Learn why and put it all to use...
tick Complete list of healing foods that will release chemicals into your bloodstream that will continue to regenerate your liver tissue even when you're asleep.
tick Complete list of offenders that will make it impossible top even think about reversing liver cirrhosis should they find their way on your plate. No matter what kind of expensive medication you take.
tick Food group by group - the rules for liver cirrhosis reversal differ greatly from general guidelines. Get this wrong and you're doomed.
tick Revealed: Liver has 3 types of cells. In a conventional approach the least important cells (fibrous tissue) prevent the healing of the most important ones (the liver cells proper). Learn how to get around this.
tick Basics: What is beta oxidation and de novo lipogenesis and how that relates to our success on the Ezra Protocol
tick Secret 14: A study in Hong Kong proved that a commonly found Chinese Herb can completely repair fatty infiltrations in the liver. Again, one of the corner stones of the protocol.
tick Aromatherapy, massage and your metabolism...
tick SHOCKING: In spite of what you might've been told, fruit is not our best friend when fighting to reverse liver cirrhosis. Not even close. Learn why and put it all to use...
tick The truth: What are the facts about the liver cirrhosis disease and exercise. By doing it wrong you are endangering your heart.
tick "Liver Cirrhosis- emotional health" decisive bond proven in studies
tick Liver cirrhosis, vitamins and minerals. Ignorance here endangers your health directly. See proof in clinical studies
tick OVERSEEN FACT: Genetic connection of the liver cirrhosis development. Learn how to advice your loved ones.
tick DANGER: Hypercoagulation and the liver cirrhosis. If you have it, your risk of stroke skyrockets. Bring it back under control.

BASIC TRUTHS: Learn in detail what deficiencies develop as your disease progresses and all about right supplementation strategies. You have no idea how wrong you can go here...


SECRET #15: Certain every day things, like removing red wine stains by tipping white wine onto them are everywhere. There is one things that is all around us yet we fail to recognize it's potency. Yet, this simple thing is an important part of the healing protocol. Learn about it. You'll be amazed with how simple it is.

tick Secret #16: ...
tick Secret #17: ...
tick Secret #18: ...
tick ...and much, much more...


Now, this might seem like a lot of information and complicated but the protocol itself could not be simpler. It all boils down to one synoptic table.


And believe me.... the list above is just the tip of the iceberg! The Liver Cirrhosis Bible is so much more than just an "e-book" - it's the ultimate guidebook for people who have decided to take matter into their own hands and say "NO MORE"...


With this book, you will again be in full control of your life, up to a point where you forget all about it. Without this book as months go by, the burden will control you and as time goes by your life will become centered and determined by your condition I am speaking from personal experience.


What the Liver Cirrhosis Bible Can do for you:


check Reverse the chemical processes that have dramatically low life expectancy and soothe the cirrhotic liver. Live normally once again !!!
check Don't just mask the problems, but get to the root cause of your issue and eradicate it right at the source. For good.
check Invigorate your life energy and defeat the fatigue
check As your blood starts to thin again, revive your organs that are suffering sever damage while your liver is impaired
check Finally get your dream beach body. I'm in my 6Os so the weight loss means a lot for me in health terms. But if you are younger, the weight you loose will finally bring you closer to the body of your dreams. I see people doing it every day.
check Peel the fat off like a furnace. And that's an understatement. As we said, your liver and your adrenal gland is what is holding you back. Once you shift the faulty chemistry, your body turns into a fat burning furnace.
I guarantee this. I know it first hand.
check Build you confidence and re-socialize
check Look younger, feel lighter, healthier and more energetic
check Have increased mental clarity, enthusiasm and vitality
check Detoxify completely - you'll be cleaner than a life long vegetarian
check Defeat depression, mood swings and anxiety
check Get back to every day issues in your life with an overwhelming energy
check Get the ultimate self-esteem boost. You'll feel like nothing is impossible once your biggest nightmare is out of the picture. I felt like someone gave me a leg after I was one-legged for years



What I said above can be your new reality in just months. If the number of copies available did not reach 0, you can still be among the lucky 3 hundred that get a copy of the Ezra Protocol. I just want to be honest, from what I have experienced during the last efforts to get this batch out, I am not confident about the future batches.



Don't wallow in the mire trying to figure
out the enigma of liver Cirrhosis when someone has been doing all the work for 2 decades and you can access that information
right Now.



All I can think about when I say this are the years that I lost pursuing the solution. Trying and failing. Trying and failing. Again and again. As death or transplant was approaching and I remained fat and miserable.


What I am trying to say is this - my story doesn't have to be your story. I did it all, I popped pills, I was injected with all you can think of, tried the alternatives and I found one that works.


Now you can skip what I went through
for years and find out in minutes
what I pursued for such a long time.


You might be able to do the same if you have the time and years to put your life on hold. If I only were in your position when this thing hit me. All the things that I lost in the meantime...oh, my God...but enough about me, this letter is about YOU. You are the one that will have to live with this thing is you miss out on this opportunity because of doubts and skepticism and go out tomorrow and spend twice as much on things that did not work last year, did not work last month, did not work yesterday and , face it now and here, will not work tomorrow. But at the end, the choice is all yours...all I can share is...



It gives me the shivers to even think about
where would I be if I hadn't found out about the Ezra protocol.



As I promised, by the end of this page you'll know exactly how to follow my footsteps to a healthy liver and a slick figure. In the process, I have put to use a broader knowledge that has helped me to remain calm in the 'eye of the storm' and fight all the things that follow this terrible disease. I have spent my days learning about the things that are directly related to my condition but also about herbal medicine and self-help in general.


This is the road that brought me to my new career as a health consultant and nutrition specialist. During the past few years I wrote a couple of other books on self-help and wellness subject. I sell these books on separate sites. And I thought a lot about what I am about to say, but...


...since I can sell the Ezra Protocol to a very limited number of people (300) I decided to give away some of my other titles completely free as a bonus to the Liver Cirrhosis Bible.


Yes, you heard it right...


APPLY TODAY and you'll also receive
the following 4 FREE bonuses worth



Boost Your Metabolism





Herbal Remedies





Back Door To The Health Insurance System






Other people are paying for These books and you have A chance
to get all the resources for FREE. Right Now !


And let me share another aspect of my healing that is commonly overlooked. Very little people know that the chemicals secreted by your body when you're feeling depressed can just stop the processes of healing as they interfere with your estrogen or testosterone production. That was proven beyond a doubt in official studies. In other words...


Reaching emotional stability is the first step. No way around it.


That is why I have put together what I call "The Relaxation Toolkit" consisting of:




And the most important thing !!

The Ezra Program is much more than ebooks.


You get personal one-on-one counseling

with Debra Elkin for full 12 weeks:


Consultation Certificate

That's right. For a limited number of people I will be offering personal 1-on-1 support. You are not alone any more and you will feel it. I will guide you every step of the way and lead you to a healed and fit body and calm soul. I'll do for you what Jacob did for me.

I commit to that.

Personal support of a health specialist dealing exclusively with liver problems is at your fingertips.

We'll form a small community of people that will get this kind of personal care and then I'll have to shut this offer down, since I will not be able to provide the kind of personal attention that I am committing to here. I set the number at 50 based on my previous experience.

If you are seeing this offer, that means that there is still time to join and claim your sit in the program. If you miss out on this, you will have to wait at least 12 weeks until the previous group has finished their healing cycle.


I remember the days when I was starting my protocol...I was so scared that I phoned Jacob every day for re-assurance that I am doing it right. That allowed me to feel that I am always in control and on the right track. This is how you will feel also with our 24/7 email support in the program.

Based on the prices in my current practice I estimate that this counseling is worth at least $ 180.


If you are among the 50 women to get it now, you get it FREE.

Why 12 weeks?

Because from my experience, 12 weeks is just enough time for anybody to regain complete control over her health and life, resolve liver cirrhosis and kick start the fat burning machine that our body can be. On the other hand, with personal counseling people learn all there is to know about this thing, explained in detail and with a personal touch and a vast majority of them leaves the program with the kind of knowledge and intuition that allows them to effortlessly lead a life that will keep them free and healthy for years to come. They leave the program strong, self-aware, confident and above all educated about their body.

For over 95% percent of people that have left the program by this time it is a life-shifting and awakening experience.


How to you claim your personal counseling sessions?


We will conduct all the counselling via email. Number of emails and frequancy are not limited. I commit to answering all your counselling questions within 24 hours.

When you get to your download page, you will receive your personal code for 1 on1 support, just make a note of this code and include it in the subject of your emails. As simple as that.




Just please never ever share on the internet or on public forums that these resources could be downloaded for free here, because other people are paying for them and I might get into trouble.


No self-conscious person that has the least shred of a doubt that she/he might have liver cirrhosis to deadly complication should be left without the Ezra Protocol Resource Box of 6 e-books in her/his library and without the most relevant personal support on the planet.


So, let's look at what is your investment in this life changing system and personal counseling.


One thing is for certain - Mr Jacob Ezra is among the 4 most renowned experts in the field of liver disorders in the world and the Ezra protocol in the only effective yet completely safe way of beating liver cirrhosis.


WARNING: Some of the drugs conventionally used to treat liver Cirrhosis are currently under review by the FDA for suspected risk of heart attacks !!!


The bottom line is...


There is no similar product in the market and the Liver Cirrhosis Bible is a one of a kind. There is no other ebook out there that is even remotely similar to this resource that is so precious to those suffering from liver cirrhosis.

A testimony of thousands of people worldwide that beat liver cirrhosis and obesity and the precise system they used to do so described in detail.


After a long period of time that I have worked on this book and finally managed to publish it as an eBook, this complete resource box now costs much less then it would cost if it was published as a hard cover.


You get the Liver Cirrhosis Bible, 4 valuable bonus e-books and The Relaxation Toolkit consisting of 2 ebooks and 12 hours of unbelievable audio that would cost many times more if purchased separately. All for just $47.


Now pause for a second...


...and really and honestly think about how much you've spent trying to beat your liver problems. Now think about how much you'll spent in the next week or month on things that did not work last year, are not working today and will not work next month and next year.


Now consider all the solid proof that this system is the real deal and has helped 1000s worldwide resolve the exact problems that you are struggling with.


I urge you not to procrastinate ordering at this low price!


Let me remind you that your order is processed and fully guaranteed by Clickbank, the leading retailer and payment processor on the web today.


Imagine that your solution can be on your computer within 1 minute and you can be online with me, Debra Elkin, strategically designing the strategy for defeating liver cirrhosis forever. Think about that.


Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $47

Secure Your Remedy Now

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity,

I can only offer limited number copies at a time.

This means that if you don't act now,

you might miss your chance to get into the program and the website

will be shut down next time you try to visit it.


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Success story no.5: Jackie Lee Garryson, Cape Charles, Virginia

"They told me that my liver wasn't functioning and they were not sure if I would live..."

Jackie"I have a history of alcoholism. I allowed my problems to break me and I gave in. Alcohol was my way out for years, then last year I lost my job when my boss told me that he could smell it in my breath. I went on like that for a very long time before I destroyed my liver. I was diagnosed last year and in a fulminant way progress through stages of the disease. Nothing my doctors did helped and I felt like my days were numbered.


Then I found out about the Ezra protocol and got into the program the same day. That made all the difference. From Day 1 I could feel that the program was the real deal and that it's working for me. OK, I might be exaggerating but I swear I could feel it.


Within 3 months I was reborn. That's the best I can come up to describe how it felt to actually get better when you think all hope is gone. I was reborn..."

Jackie Garryson, Cape Charles, Virginia



Success story no.6: Garry Tomlison, Austin, Texas

"Blessed is that liver cirrhosis sufferer who is lucky enough to find your website and learn about the Ezra protocol..."

Garry"...for a long time after I have healed my liver using the principles of the Ezra protocol I could not get this one thought out of my mind - what if I haven't found your website? What if I spent the day when I got a copy of the Liver Cirrhosis Bible like any other day. Trying things that never worked.


I am just grateful I am one of those people that have access to this life changing information. Hugs from Austin, "

Garry Tomlison, Austin, Texas



Success story no.7: Olga Peternek, Vancouver, Canada

"I was dying..."

Olga"I was never a drinker, just and occasional glass of red wine with lunch here and there. That is how shocked I was when they said that the reason for my fatigue, the swelling in the legs and yellow eyes was the initial stage of liver cirrhosis. All I knew about this disease is that it is caused by alcohol, but the doctors explained that in my case they suspected I had and autoimmune disorder of the liver.


Within the first year after the diagnosis I was just convinced that this was the end of me. I felt like I had cancer, because it seemed to me that my doctors did not have a clue about what they're doing. I was dying. I was not getting my hopes up when I found your website. But I just owed it to my family and myself to give everything a try. My liver numbers were normal in the test I took a month ago after being elevated for years. Words could never express how thankful I am."

Olga Peternek, Vancouver, Canada



Success story no.8: Anna Renatto Lee, London, UK

"I always thought I was living and eating healthy. After reading your book I was gob smacked how wrong I was..."

Anna"My whole life I was known among my friends as the one who new everything about eating right and living healthy. That is why when I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver cirrhosis I never gave my lifestyle another thought, because I was sue I was doing all the right things.


That is why all the information you revealed in your ebook were so shocking. I never thought about the fact that the things that are healthy for the general population might not be healthy for the person suffering from liver cirrhosis. I never thought about that. Thank you for opening my eyes..."

Anna Renatto Lee, London, UK




Allow me ask you one simple question.


Are you one of those people that stubbornly try things that did not work in the past and hope they will work this time?


I think that if you reading these lines and you came this far that you most definitely are not. You are not one of those fatalists, you take charge and make things happen.


This attitude brought me back my health, after long trial and error. But, you don't have to go through the errors. I did it all for you. And I found what works. Don't miss this opportunity for anything in the world if there are still copies left.




Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $47

Secure Your Remedy Now

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity,

I can only offer limited number copies at a time.

This means that if you don't act now,

you might miss your chance to get into the program and the website

will be shut down next time you try to visit it.


Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol" are processed by the most reliable digital retailer on the internet today - Clickbank. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been famous for its security system. Your order is processed through special encrypted pages (same system the banks are using).

The result - your data is utterly and completely safe and Clickbank did not have a single incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

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Let's take a moment here and recap on everything Included in the Ezra Protocol program:


Included in the Ezra Protocol program Market value $ Yours for $
The Liver Cirrhosis Bible
Ezra Protocol (MAIN book)
$ 47 $ 47
Bonus 1: Boost Your Metabolism
and Peel the Fat Off
$ 25 Ø
Bonus 2: Nostrum of Herbal Remedies $ 27 Ø
Bonus 3: Back Door To The
Health Insurance System
$ 29 Ø
Bonus 4: Natural Detox $ 22 Ø
Super Bonus 1: At Peace At Home $ 45 Ø
Super Bonus 3: Complete Course
Of Raja Yoga
$ 45 Ø
Super Bonus 4: 12 Hours Of The Most Beautiful Natural Relaxation
And Tranquility Sounds
$ 27 Ø
12 Weeks of Personal Counseling with Debra $ 180 Ø
Total: $447 $ 47



And one more thing, my honest advice is not to wait a minute longer. When my friend told me about the man in Reims that specializes in the matters of the liver I hesitated a bit and thousands of thoughts just swarmed in my head. I hesitated for two reasons:


1. I was skeptical

2. A round trip from Paris to reims costs around 200 $ and a treatment session with Mr Jacob Ezra was also 'an arm and a leg' (I am not allowed to disclose this here)


You, on the other, are in a very different situation.


You have the convenience that I didn't have, someone that did all the trials and errors for you and is telling you what finally worked. I wish I had that. I really do.


Right in front of you, you have the information that 1000s of people used to solve this terrible problem and this life changing book is just a click away.


That's all there is to it. Once you've downloaded your book, read it entirely from cover to cover. The step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and in plain English so that you can use them right away.


The results will come. By following the step by step instructions, every day your body will improve and become optimized to the point of perfection and you'll also start feeling and looking much better as your body quickly starts re-balancing itself and simply shedding that fat off.


FREEDOM is at your fingertips.


You must be excited.


Let me tell you, this excitement in nothing compared to the excitement you'll feel when your disease starts to fade.


When you wake up and realize that your belly is visibly smaller and that just goes on and on, day in day out just ecstasy. I am not good enough with words to describe this, you have to experience it.


And if by this point you still have your dilemmas, let me disperse every last shred of doubt. How?




Yes, you heard it right. If you don't like the e-book or you consider that it doesn't contain the information I announce here, you will get every last cent of your money back.



Money Back Stamp



I have thought a lot about this. But, when I look back and remember all the trauma, I think that it's worth it. You might think about how there must be something behind this, since people can buy the book and ask for money back. Well, there isn't. I made my piece with the fact that there will be some dishonesty here and I will loose money. But I believe that there is a majority of honest people out there.


So, let me introduce:

Your 60 Days Instant
Money Back Guarantee Certificate


60-Day Money back


I am utterly and 100 % convinced that this system will work for you.
That is why this money back is unconditional. Just take a look at the information in this e-book and I know...I am sure it will blow your mind.

You see, I know for a fact and first hand that the Ezra Protocol works.
So I have no problem backing it up with a rock solid guarantee like that.

Oh, I hope for your sake that you don't give in to the doubts now when all the risk is taken away.

Debra Scanned Signature


You might be thinking "But how do I get my money back and what if you tell me "No" when I ask for a refund?"


Let me put your mind at ease right away - the refund system is set up that way that I have no control over the refund process - IF YOU WANT A REFUND, YOU GET IT WITH 3 CLICKS.


Asking for your money back if you are not satisfied with your e-book is a very straightforward procedure. You don't need to call me or Clickbank or contact you bank. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied and I don't even get a say in this, nor you have to explain anything to anybody. What happens is this:


After you apply and join the Ezra program, you download the e-books within minutes

You get an e-mail with your receipt number and a special link

If you click this link, you are taken to a page where you can raise a refund requests with just two simple and obvious clicks of a mouse

Your refund is processed within 24 hours. No phone calls. No explanations. No banks. No hassle.



Please just try the Ezra Protocol for 2 full months. Just try it. Scrutinize the course closely. Use the program to the max. If you're not thrilled with your results, if you don't feel like you're 20, if you don't shed that flabby belly off then I want you to simply get your refund and also write and tell me. I honestly cannot see that happening because I see people healing and eradicating cirrhosis every day.


On the other hand, if the Ezra Protocol helps you get your health back and look and feel better than ever before, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved - and tell all your friends about it too.




Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $47

Secure Your Remedy Now

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity,

I can only offer limited number copies at a time.

This means that if you don't act now,

you might miss your chance to get into the program and the website

will be shut down next time you try to visit it.


Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol" are processed by the most reliable digital retailer on the internet today - Clickbank. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been famous for its security system. Your order is processed through special encrypted pages (same system the banks are using).

The result - your data is utterly and completely safe and Clickbank did not have a single incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

This means that there is absolutely no chance of your credit card information being compromised. You can learn more about Clickbank at



In my time - during the period I was in pursuit of solution for my liver problems and obesity I have come across several books that claimed they had the solution only to offer the same old commonly known facts wrapped up in a different way. If you fear this could be the case with the Liver Cirrhosis Bible, let me say this - I've spoke so much about what it is, but let me disperse your doubts if you still have any by telling what it's not...




Ezra protocol is not about telling you to quit smoking and drinking coffee and similar general vague statements...


Ezra protocol is not about some pep talk that you have to have a positive attitude and everything will fall into place. As I kept saying to my husband "I'm not depressed and weak...there's something seriously wrong with me". Liver cirrhosis has very specific underlying triggers with direct, unambiguous causative-relationship to the chemical processes in our body (on the cellular level primarily). These causative relationships are clear, measurable and substantiated by official studies.


Ezra protocol is not about telling you not to eat and live healthy and how everything will be fine if you do as I say. It is about laser sharp and concrete facts about the causes of the disease explained in every day terms so that you can understand completely what's going on and how to stop it.


Ezra protocol is not about sloppy half-truths that you already know. It is about information that is available exclusively in The Liver Cirrhosis Bible at this point in time. It is likely that this information will be widely available at some point in the future as things unfold, but at this time 70-80% + information is only available in-between those covers.


Ezra protocol is not about re-chewing the information already available. It is a fruit of personal research and dedication of 27 years. It is two people working on liver cirrhosis and fatty liver one for 27 years and the other for over 2 years now. Day in day out, month in month out, year in year out. Eating, sleeping and living liver disorders. That is what you get, 29 years invested in a single revolutionary ebook.






...I Will Take You By the Hand and Show You the Exact Steps of the Healing Process. It Will Be Precise, Controlled, Simple and It Will Leave You with Zero Questions. I promise.


This e-book is packed with precise and clear facts but written in a way that I would talk to you if we were having an afternoon walk, because I know you don't need the complex science talk. I know you need to get rid of that damn pain.


I wrote it in a way that will give you this kind of guidance...[xyz natural substance] is used instead of the actual substance)"


Week 1: During this week I was taking 2 servings of [xyz natural substance]. One in the morning an one in the afternoon. This was aimed at dissolving the billions of dead cells that are imprisoned in the body of a patient with a liver cirrhosis sufferer every week. The [xyz natural substance] is the only substance in nature that can amend this kind of clutter without harming the living tissue. Without [xyz natural substance] this problem is unsolvable and it is worth it's weight in gold for people with cirrhotic livers.


40 official studies substantiate the effectiveness of [xyz natural substance]


I measured if [xyz natural substance] was doing its job by measuring my..."


I just wanted to give you a taste of how I will actually talk to you on the pages of the Liver Cirrhosis Bible. And remember, if you reach a place where you have any questions I am at your disposal 24/7 for email support and help. I will practically be your new neighbor when you join the program, the kind of neighbor that shares her worst problem with you and can understand better then anybody else.




Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $47

Secure Your Remedy Now

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity,

I can only offer limited number copies at a time.

This means that if you don't act now,

you might miss your chance to get into the program and the website

will be shut down next time you try to visit it.


Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol" are processed by the most reliable digital retailer on the internet today - Clickbank. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been famous for its security system. Your order is processed through special encrypted pages (same system the banks are using).

The result - your data is utterly and completely safe and Clickbank did not have a single incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

This means that there is absolutely no chance of your credit card information being compromised. You can learn more about Clickbank at



If you are spending thousands of dollars
and still not addressing the causes,
then you are as stuck as the person
not doing anything.



But by now, I should not be saying this because if you read this far you are not the type of person that follows the crowd. You are the type of person that takes control.


If you're one of these special people who are motivated enough to try a real honest and effective solution - one of the top 2% who are ready to do what it takes to finally beat this thing forever then join us today, because waiting will never lead you to a better health.


And as I sit at my old table carved with names of my teenage sweethearts, my heart goes to you. There is a real person on the other end of this wire and your computer screen, person that suffered like you are suffering now and put an end to it all.


I urge you know to procrastinate. this moment right now decides about your future days, months and years.


By the end of this day I could become your personal guide to health and wellness. I hope I do and I hope we beat this thing together.


Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,




P.S. If you feel uncertain or have never purchased anything online and you doubt that this might be some kind of a scam, do not hesitate to contact me and allow me to eliminate any doubt that this program is a real deal with a hard evidence of effectiveness. I will be happy to help you with any dilemma that you might have.


P.P.S. Let me remind you once more that all the risk is eliminated by the 100% money back guarantee and the Clickbank famous refund policy stands strong and guarantees your order and your right to an immediate full refund.


P.P.P.S. To avoid disappointment, I urge you not to procrastinate. Once the 300 copies with personal support are sold I will have to pull this page from the internet altogether and you will miss out on the information that would change your life.


P.P.P.S. Remember, at any time the special bonuses might be pulled if I have complaints from people that have paid for the eBooks and find out that there are people getting them for free. If this happens, I am almost certain that my publisher will ask me to withdraw the bonuses from the offer.


P.P.P.P.S. Let me remind you of one of the main benefits of joining this program:


You would have the ultimate support. It is not about me and I am not bragging, but just stop for a second and think. Think about how many people are there in the world that are in the business of treating liver cirrhosis, wrote a best selling ebook about it and have suffered from this thing. I have imagined so many times that I could have a doctor that understands. Truly and honestly understands and not just nod his head. But nobody can understand if they haven't felt it on their own skin.


I went through it all, and now, for a very limited time, I am offering personal counseling together with the 6 ebooks that make The Fatty Liver Bible set. I don't think that you can find a counselor elsewhere that meets these criteria. With my guidance - within months, you will first beat it and then forget about your liver cirrhosis.


And that is a personal promise from me to you.




Click Here And Secure Your Copy Now For Only $47

Secure Your Remedy Now

Because I offer personal counseling which limits my capacity,

I can only offer limited number copies at a time.

This means that if you don't act now,

you might miss your chance to get into the program and the website

will be shut down next time you try to visit it.


Are You Concerned About Using A Credit Card Online?

All orders of "The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol" are processed by the most reliable digital retailer on the internet today - Clickbank. For more than 10 years, Clickbank has been famous for its security system. Your order is processed through special encrypted pages (same system the banks are using).

The result - your data is utterly and completely safe and Clickbank did not have a single incident in over 10 years. This made Clikbank a premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

This means that there is absolutely no chance of your credit card information being compromised. You can learn more about Clickbank at



NOTE: Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol is a downloadable ebook. No physical products will be shipped. After you apply, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the ebook and all the bonuses onto your computer. The ebook format can be viewed on Mac or PC.