Success story no.1: Andy Gibbons, Keels , Canada

"I defeated fatty liver and liver cirrhosis and I lost 52.8 pounds in 4 months. "



"...I was trying to loose weight for years, for decades even, as long as I can remember. I was blaming myself because I was failing over and over again, year in year out. It was in shock when I learned that my liver was robbing me of my results while I was dying to succeed. I was so scarred to learn that I was basically doomed because of my liver that progressed so far that my liver was filled with fat, fibrotic and already failing. Doctors were shocked that I've had liver cirrhosis at the age of 38, but that didn't mean they could help me.

I was so scared and in panic. I found out about your ebook and the Ezra protocol on a public forum and I recognized myself in your every word. I got your ebook 6 months ago and I will let my pictures speak about what happened after..."

Andy Gibbons, Keels, Canada


Success story no.2: Gema Brady, Denver , Colorado

"They told me I would be dead within 6 months unless a liver transplant becomes available..."


"Back in 2008 my liver test results were alarming: alp - 185, ggt - 455, mcv - 110, platelet count - 96,000. I was suffering from progressive liver problems since 2001 and it is basically all I can remember about my lfe. Finally, in late 2007 they told me that I had cirrhosis. They also told me liver cirrhosis cannot be reversed.

One of the patients that I met at my doctor's office told me about an alternative protocol that is stirring the waters of the medical community - the Ezra protocol. I decided to give this a try and let me tell you, I never looked back. I could not believe that so many of the things I did every day were contributing to my disease. By April 2009 my tests read: alp - 77, ggt - 35, mcv - 84, platelet count - 161.000. My doctors told me that they cannot provide an explanation for what happened, but I could - the Ezra protocol saved my life. I am grateful forever..."

Gema Brady, Denver, Colorado



Success story no.3: Garry Kalinski, Raleigh , North Carolina

"This time last year my stomach was swollen as if I was 7 months pregnant..."



"This time last year I thought my number was up. My life came down to laying in the bed tormented and broken. My wife now tells me horror stories about how I often could not recognize her or my children. My doctors said that they didn't know if I was going to make it. When I look back now I am not sure if I deserved this blessing of a second chance, I was a heavy drinker for over 2 decades.


But I made it. I beat liver cirrhosis, I got rid of all the booze from my home and I am living my new beginning. The Ezra protocol is what gave me the second chance. I have you to thank for the fact that I live today. That must be an unbelievable feeling to literally save people like that. I hope God sees what you're doing for all the liver cirrhosis sufferers out there."

Garry Kalinski, Raleigh, North Colorado


Success story no.4: Imogen Noble, Leicester, UK

"Last Christmas Eve they rushed me to the hospital when I blacked out in a mall..."



"Before last Christmas Eve when I passed out, I had no idea that my liver problems were severe. Before that, I only had episodes of water retention in my feet and legs. That night a C.T. scan confirmed that it was a start of liver cirrhosis.


Ever since, I am battling this potentially deadly opponent. And when I look back at the last year, I cannot help but feel that I would've lost the battle if there weren't for you. I was trying all the doctors had to offer for almost half a year before I broadened my horizons and gave the Ezra protocol a try. I started your protocol as a human wreck and a washed out hopeless shadow of a person I once was.

Today, I am living my normal life once more. I can feel the change in my every cell. I am vibrant, energetic and have this new found love for life. Thank you, "

Imogen Noble, Leicester, UK

Success story no.5: Jackie Lee Garryson, Cape Charles, Virginia

"They told me that my liver wasn't functioning and they were not sure if I would live..."



"I have a history of alcoholism. I allowed my problems to break me and I gave in. Alcohol was my way out for years, then last year I lost my job when my boss told me that he could smell it in my breath. I went on like that for a very long time before I destroyed my liver. I was diagnosed last year and in a fulminant way progress through stages of the disease. Nothing my doctors did helped and I felt like my days were numbered.


Then I found out about the Ezra protocol and got into the program the same day. That made all the difference. From Day 1 I could feel that the program was the real deal and that it's working for me. OK, I might be exaggerating but I swear I could feel it.


Within 3 months I was reborn. That's the best I can come up to describe how it felt to actually get better when you think all hope is gone. I was reborn..."

Jackie Garryson, Cape Charles, Virginia



Success story no.6: Garry Tomlison, Austin, Texas

"Blessed is that liver cirrhosis sufferer who is lucky enough to find your website and learn about the Ezra protocol..."



"...for a long time after I have healed my liver using the principles of the Ezra protocol I could not get this one thought out of my mind - what if I haven't found your website? What if I spent the day when I got a copy of the Liver Cirrhosis Bible like any other day. Trying things that never worked.


I am just grateful I am one of those people that have access to this life changing information. Hugs from Austin, "

Garry Tomlison, Austin, Texas



Success story no.7: Olga Peternek, Vancouver, Canada

"I was dying..."



"I was never a drinker, just and occasional glass of red wine with lunch here and there. That is how shocked I was when they said that the reason for my fatigue, the swelling in the legs and yellow eyes was the initial stage of liver cirrhosis. All I knew about this disease is that it is caused by alcohol, but the doctors explained that in my case they suspected I had and autoimmune disorder of the liver.


Within the first year after the diagnosis I was just convinced that this was the end of me. I felt like I had cancer, because it seemed to me that my doctors did not have a clue about what they're doing. I was dying. I was not getting my hopes up when I found your website. But I just owed it to my family and myself to give everything a try. My liver numbers were normal in the test I took a month ago after being elevated for years. Words could never express how thankful I am."

Olga Peternek, Vancouver, Canada



Success story no.8: Anna Renatto Lee, London, UK

"I always thought I was living and eating healthy. After reading your book I was gob smacked how wrong I was..."



"My whole life I was known among my friends as the one who new everything about eating right and living healthy. That is why when I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver cirrhosis I never gave my lifestyle another thought, because I was sue I was doing all the right things.


That is why all the information you revealed in your ebook were so shocking. I never thought about the fact that the things that are healthy for the general population might not be healthy for the person suffering from liver cirrhosis. I never thought about that. Thank you for opening my eyes..."

Anna Renatto Lee, London, UK